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I am a teacher who has a passion for all things cute and customized! The only problem is that my name, Ariele, is one that I can never find on anything!! This has been an ongoing dilemma my whole life!
Everything changed when I started teaching! I was in awe of how many teachers had personalized items throughout their classrooms! The world of personalization, which used to be nonexistent for me, soon became my passion!
I create personalized notepads, stationery cards, invitations and more! I absolutely love creating personalized items, especially with monograms! I love each and every one of my products and I am so happy to have this creative outlet! Even more so, I love that my creations are completely handmade. I design, print, and even bind the notepads from home! Everything I package and ship out reminds me of my hard work and dedication to create a world where everyone can enjoy personalization!
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